Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is composed of three (3) persons appointed by the judges of the Circuit Court of the city of Portsmouth (the “commission” and the “court,” respectively). The members of the commission shall devote due time and attention to the performance of their duties. The commission shall conduct its meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, except to the extent modified by the commission. The authority, powers, and responsibilities of the commission shall apply to, and be limited to, the police department and the fire department defined as “classified service,” which are all sworn full-time Firefighters, Firefighter/Paramedics and Police Officers, and sworn employees of rank in the Police and Fire Departments with exception of the Chief and Assistant or Deputy Chief(s) of each department. The members and employees of said departments may be referred to herein as the "civil service."

Their duties and authority are governed by the Charter of the Code of the city of Portsmouth.

Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations

The Civil Service Commission shall hold regular meetings at least every three months on such date as the Commissioners may deem advisable. The date of such meeting shall be set by the Chairperson or a majority of the Commissioners and rescheduled if necessary within the quarter. The Chairperson shall have the authority to call as many additional meetings as may be necessary. The Commission shall establish and obtain adequate administrative support for timely conduct of its business. Here you can view the approved minutes of their last meeting as well as the hearing notification for their next scheduled meeting.

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Civil Service Commission Meeting Minutes