The city offers vision care through EyeMed. The EyeMed website will provide you with a wealth of information on the enhanced benefits they offer for you and your family.

Download the App

To keep up to date with the innovative world we live in, EyeMed also offers a mobile app (PDF) that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play for use on an iPhone or Android. View more about the EyeMed Mobile App or read the EyeMed App Summary (PDF).

Vision Health

Vision wellness is an important key to a healthy vision. You might have questions about your eye health, so learn more about eye health. Did you know there is a connection between hearing and vision loss? Hearing and vision loss can go hand in hand. Learn more about how EyeMed members have access to affordable hearing care discounts (PDF).


Employees can get the best sun protection for their eyes, while keeping savings in their pocket. EyeMed makes it easy for employees to take this extra step to protect their eye health. For more information read the 2019 Sun Perk Summary (PDF).


Contact lens benefits are easier to use with EyeMed. EyeMed members who purchase contact lenses online can now apply their contact lenses benefits at ContactsDirect, completing the transaction online, from start to finish. For more information on this great option visit Contacts Direct (PDF).

Order Glasses

EyeMed makes it easy and convenient for members to access vision choices that best fit their lifestyle. has been added to the EyeMed roster of thousands of independent providers and top optical retailers. Read more about getting glasses at (PDF).


When you have questions about your EyeMed vision care plan, we know you need answers fast! So, in addition to the ongoing, day to day service you receive an EyeMed account manager. View more on Membership Perks (PDF) and about LASIK Providers (PDF) in the area.