I Want to Improve...

Tell us what you want to improve, and we can provide a course or course series that is appropriate for you. Email us with your request or suggestion.

2019 Training Courses:

  • Supervisor's Bootcamp This four (4) training session course will cover:
    • Selection and RetentionLearn techniques and procedures on how to hire and retain high performing employees while avoiding legal pitfalls.
    • Team Building: Get strategies on developing a productive, balanced and cohesive team by exploring Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team.
    • Performance Enhancement: Explore how to maximize employee performance today for a better tomorrow and learn tips that will be helpful for employees and supervisors.
    • Workplace Wellness and Safety: Develop an understanding of the connection between wellness and safety in the workplace and learn how to have a balanced work life and what steps are necessary for workers' compensation
  • Leadership Development: Human Resource Management is pleased to announce the city’s first Leadership Academy Programs.  These programs offer participants interactive learning, superlative instructions, networking with colleagues, engaging in discussions of key management skills while forming a collegial learning community with peers
    • The Global Leadership Academy : is a competitive and intensive program for current supervisors, managers, and directors who want to participate in a challenging leadership development program. This program runs for 9 months with 4-hour training sessions each month designed to cultivate key leadership competencies needed for success at all levels of management.
      • Elevate the city’s brand image
      • Develop quality leadership and management skills
      • Influence and lead employees with vision                     
      • Develop the mindset of leaders at a global level
      • Manage big picture tasks and projects effectively